Linda Stupart

February 2016

Opening At Arcadia Missa February 26th 6-9pm
Exhibition Runs 27th February – 8th March Thurs-Sat 12-5pm

In the past they had tried to tell them, warn them (worn thin). At every single conference or lecture around the world they’d say: HI HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT HOW YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT THE FUTURE BUT YOU’VE ONLY CITED WHITE MEN HEY HOW ARE YOU GONNA STOP THAT HEY WHAT KIND OF FUTURE IS THAT?

But every body grows tired eventually, even this one. The same words again and again wearing out their throat their blood their muscles knotting, stomach filled with black oil, fingers tapping on the seat of every lecture theatre. But, no, nobody can say they didn’t try to warn them…

A dead writer exists in words and language is a type of virus. Information is at once this resistance, and what it resists— its own dead form, communication. Words are microbes, molecules, maggots. A dead writer also exists in the devastated by cancer rotting corpse; in death.

A dead writer exists in words and language is a type of virus is Linda Stupart’s first solo exhibition in London. The exhibition brings together the artist’s concerns with gender, language mutation and abjection, in particular offering a virulent and embodied critique of sexism and structural violence in art and artworlds.

This exhibition is presented alongside the release of Stupart’s Novella Virus.

The installation will be comprised of sculpture, powerpoint and sound. The artist will be live casting spells for the duration of the show.

Kindly supported by the Arts Council of England